Import settings for The Virtue-L Computer using VirtualBox


1. You have downloaded The Virtue-L Computer .OVA file (english version) 

   OR  The Virtue-L Computer .OVA file (german version / deutsche Version)  NEU!

2. You have the VirtualBox application  installed on your computer.

Start the VirtualBox application on your computer:

From the main menu, select Import Appliance.

Edit path to match downloaded file ROSL-EN74451r-NAT.ova on your harddrive.
German version only:   Hier bitte die zuvor herunter geladene Datei ROSL-DE74451r-NAT.ova importieren.


Keep default settings for RAM or adjust from 128 MB to 3072 MB.
Tick control box  "Reinitialize MAC addresses"

Next: Default settings open port 23389 for incoming RDP connection to access The Virtue-L Computer's desktop.

German version / deutsche Version: Auf Wunsch kann die Virtuelle Maschine mit einem RDP-Client auch fernbedient werden.
Diese Funktion ist aber standardmäßig deaktiviert. Der nachfolgende Abschnitt "Remote Display" kann daher übersprungen werden.
This is a great feature! You can control  The Virtue-L Computer from your mobile device or another desktop computer
on the same local network by using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

If you are using Windows you can type  
mstsc 23389  into the command prompt to connect to The Virtue-L Computer.
Or, if your mobile device is an  iOS device or Android device you may use the popular X2-RDP client available from the
app stores.

Warning: There is no password set up to access the RDP connection. Consider disable the RDP
                 display server or set up a password if you are on a shared or public computer network.


      Note: For the Remote desktop feature to work at all, the  Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
                 has to be installed.

Don't forget to take a snapshot of your newly imported virtual machine before you start The Virtue-L Computer for the first time!
Taking snapshots of a given virtual machine state can save you much time if you decided to roll back changes made later on.

Please check this page for updates frequently.

das |_ Team